He Gives His Horse A Kiss On The Cheek. The Horse’s Response? PRECIOUS!


They say dogs are man’s best friend but when you see this video you may think a little differently. Animals are known to show affection but have you ever seen a big animal like a horse return a kiss. That is exactly what happens in this video. Watch this video and you will see a spontaneous return of affection by a horse. Horses are used in all kinds of therapy it is called Equine Psychotherapy. Research has proved that horses are very effective for helping with trauma and other handicapped needs.
This video proves that they are very responsive to human emotion. The man looking like a trainer kisses the horse on the cheek while talking to someone. The horse reacts very spontaneous and turns and kisses the man right back on his cheek. Watch and see this display of affection happen right before your eyes. Even the trainer looks surprised!

Horses seem to be very intelligent animals but what they seem to thrive at is reacting to your emotions. If tense or nervous the horse will sense it. If you interact with the horse in a pleasant manner he will respond.

In this video you see a beautiful horse responding to the trainer in a most human way. Anybody watching this would see the near human like qualities of the horse. If the horse is relaxed and feels love he most certainly looks like he will return it. Enjoy this beautiful display of man and beast and see that the horse is one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

Horses are uses for all types of therapy. They use them to help kids with emotional and behavior issues. The kids can build trust by grooming and caring for the horses. This helps kids relax and trust others. The horse is an amazing animal and you can see in this video.

The response of this horse is so natural when he returns the kiss of the trainer. Watching this video something totally unexpected happens and it’s not just a trained response. There is such an emotional factor as you watch this video not just a response. The horse sees to be so tuned into the trainer and it shows as the horse actually kisses the trainer on the cheek.

This is such an amazing video and shows that animals do have emotions. The whole response by the horse seems so natural you won’t believe your eyes. Watching this animal behavior you can come to only one conclusion; animals are very smart and they do respond to our emotions. The horse seems to be very empathetic to his pal. Watching this video will definitely surprise you. People love horses and this video proves they love us too. Share this with everybody you know.

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