He Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts So They’ll Get Homes


Dogs make their way to shelters in less than perfect condition. The professionals at shelters are experts in dog health but the majority of shelters cannot afford a full time dog groomer. The idea is a well-groomed pooch has a better chance at being adopted.

Mark Imhof has volunteered his time as a professional dog groomer at a dog shelter in New York. Imhof has an MBA but his love for dogs guided him to train as a dog groomer at the American Academy of Pet Grooming. The skill in beautifying dogs and the love the man has for the animals is shown in the photographs.

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Several of the photographs are really funny. You see a lump of hair that you recognize as a dog but you really can only see a nose and a tongue. The dog under all of that hair comes out in a stunning transformation after Imhof works his magic. All the dogs need now is a home to call their own and someone to love them.

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There is one little guy in the photos that looks dilapidated until Imhof gets to him. The dog is transformed to a state that is really ready for a dog show. The change is tremendous. The dog looks a lot happier in his after shot than in the before shot.


The service is necessary to help dogs with long hair stay healthy. Long-haired dogs need regular trimming so they can cope with warm temperatures. A cut and style are just not available to a homeless dog.

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All of Imhof’s work is donated free to the animal shelter. The man is obviously a sensitive and loving soul that wants to lend a hand to give homeless dogs their best shot at finding a new home. Those of you that have had a dog groomed by a professional have a good idea of the amount of money involved.

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Share these cute photos with all of your friends that love animals. You will get a laugh out of the dramatic change the grooming gives the dogs. Sharing the photographs may encourage someone to adopt one of these homeless but superbly groomed dogs.

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Imhof deserves a round of applause for his work with shelter dogs. His work is obviously top notch and he could have made a lot of money doing other dogs but he spent his valuable time helping homeless animals. The world and especially dog shelters need more people like this man. Share the photos and volunteer at your local animal shelter.

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