He Gets Within Feet Of 5 Wolves For A Photo. Now Watch What Happens When They See Him…


Have you ever seen a pack of furry wolves? What do you think you would do if you found yourself in front of a wolf pack? Would you run or would you stand?

Most people believe that wolves are dangerous and aggressive. What do you think? This video may change your mind and give you a new impression about these over-sized furry canines.


Wolves are much different than you thought, they are not aggressive at all, but may be territorial. Wolves are shy creatures, and they tend to shy away from human beings and prefer staying in thickly forested regions or lands that cover large areas. Wolves are not always out to attack humans, but like every other animal with natural instincts, they attack in one of the following situations.

  • When they feel threatened by human, individually or in a pack.
  • When anyone threatens the source of their food.
  • When they are sick, wounded and vulnerable.
  • When they cannot find food because of scarcity.

When you’re surrounded by wolves, it can be a scary situation because wolves are unpredictable. There is no known way to discern which the wolf pack is going through, and you may just have to take your chances.

In this video, the photographer was hoping to get a close shot of the pack of 5 wolves, so he went in a bit closer to about five ft close to the river. The wolves apparently loved the exposure and were not ready to let go of their new friend so soon. What happened next will shock you.

After the pictures had been taken, the photographer tried to move away from the wolves, but they were having none of that. The charged towards him and gave him the biggest hug he had ever received in his entire life. They were all excited to have a new member of their pack and eagerly followed him around like cubs following their mother.

The sight is probably the most adorable thing you are ever going to see. They jump and play around him, if you listen carefully, you may hear them having subtle conversations about their newest family member. The Wolves didn’t want to give any chance to a different pack of wolves who may claim him for their own. Wolves are naturally territorial, so this behavior is natural. However, it is one unlikely friendship which has never been seen before.

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=JAFsAnVaWSc”]

The wolves lick his face and gently rub their body against his legs. It can be said that these majestic creatures were obsessed with their new family member because of the attention he was given. They covered him with hugs as he petted and pacified them, he obviously loved the attention he was getting from the wolves just as much. You can’t blame him, and it’s a beautiful feeling.

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