He Found This Baby Crying Beside His Dead Mother On The Ground. When He Picks It Up? OMG!


After this man forms an incredible bond with a baby bear cub at a reserve that faced destruction, he takes him home and they become the best of friends. Casey Anderson and Brutus the bear are an inseparable pair. The seven-year friendship between bear and man still lasts until this day and continues to grow with every minute they spend together.

Brutus the Brown Bear

Brutus was found by Casey Anderson, a Montana naturalist who has raised the cub since birth. Brutus was brought to a nature reserve that was already full when he was just barely born. Anderson decided to take action and take the cub home with him to raise him. Brutus took to Anderson since the first time they met, ‘like kids on a playground’, he says.
After Brutus got so big he couldn’t stay with his friend at home anymore, Anderson created a sanctuary for him. Seven years after meeting and the pair have an unbreakable friendship. Brutus runs, plays, wrestles with Anderson and even sometimes gives him ‘Grizzly Kisses’, as Anderson calls them.

Brutus, the bear, is also an actor, likely known for his roles in his informational ‘bear eats picnic’ videos. Anderson’s new wife, Missy Pyle, is also an actress. Mrs. Anderson absolutely adores Brutus, as well and wouldn’t have life any other way than hanging out with her new husband and their Grizzly pal.

An Unlikely Pair

Even Anderson, who has formed this insanely adorable friendship with his 800 pound Grizzly Bear pal, warns watchers of their videos not to try any of the things they do at home. These two have been best friends since Brutus was born, and Brutus has never tried to harm Anderson, though he absolutely could.

Along with being best friends, Brutus was Casey’s best man in the recent wedding, as well. This bear and this man really are an inseparable pair. Brutus joins the family for holiday meals, sitting at the table as a most welcome addition.
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Everyone that meets Brutus seems to love him just as much as Anderson does. He goes everywhere that Casey does, even ‘bathing’ together in the backyard pool! Brutus never gets left out, and will continue to hang out with his friends and family as well as continue to film informative videos, commercials and maybe someday movies! Share this adorable story now!

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