He Found These Kittens On A Dirt Road, But Look Closely… Because They’re NOT Regular Cats.


If you have ever come across a stray animal on the side of the road, then you know firsthand just how difficult of an ordeal it can be. No wants to abandon the animals during their time of need, but giving them to a shelter is not always the best choice.

Hamdan Shibli, an 18 year old boy from Israel, was forced into the aforementioned dilemma one day when he discovered three stray kittens on his way to work. He decided to intervene and provide them with the assistance they needed once he realized that their mother was nowhere to be found.

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Hamdan started by moving them from the road, onto a patch of grass where they would not get hurt. It was at this time that Hamdan made a startling discovery: these were not your average ordinary strays. Wanting to know more, he took pictures of the kitties and posted them on the Internet.

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It was at that time that he learned the amazing truth, that they were not kittens at all. They were actually Asian jungle cats! He made a hasty return to the area where he initially found them and discovered that their mother had still not returned for her babies.

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The jungle kittens were not eating on a regular basis and were covered in fleas from head to toe. Hamdan gathered the group of jungle cats and decided to bring them home with him, but unfortunately, the weakest one of the three passed away en route, leaving the other two siblings to carry on in his absence.

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From there, the jungle cats were taken to a hospital for wild animals, with the objective of increasing their strength. Living without their mother had taken quite the toll on them and they were given vitamins and formula to replenish their lack of nutrients.

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The hospital’s objective was to build them back up and realize them into the wild once they were healthy. In time, the jungle kittens were able to digest solid foods, which made the task much simpler. While the jungle cat population is not exactly endangered, there are only about 600 of them living in the Israel area.

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With any luck, these little kitties will continue their recovery and be able to rejoin their friends out in the wild in no time. Please share this amazing story and be sure to pass it along to your friends and family.

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