He Found the Pacifier. Now Watch What Happens When Mom Tries to Take It From Him.


Max is a gorgeous dog who just found the best thing ever – a pacifier. He’s got it in his mouth, just like a baby would hold it in their mouth. You can see in the video that the mom is talking to him, asking him not to be such a “silly boy” about holding a binkie in his mouth.

There’s a reason that there are so many babies out there that enjoy a pacifier in their mouth. It is very soothing, and apparently Max thinks so, too. He is in no hurry to give up the pacifier. He quite likes it in his mouth, and no matter how much mom is begging for him to give it back, he obviously has no plans to do so anytime in the near future.

Max has probably seen the baby in the house suck on the pacifier for hours on end, and it is his turn. It is so adorable to see him sit there with the pacifier, and he is probably enjoying himself immensely.

Mom reaches for the pacifier, but he gently takes his paw and pushes her hand away, like “Don’t even think about it mom.” It’s so adorable, and you are going to want to watch the video again and again because it’s going to make you giggle. Mom is certainly getting a big kick out of it, even though she knows she needs to get the pacifier away from him at some point. When she tries to reach for the pacifier, he moves his head around just so that he is out of reach – or takes his paw to push her hand back down.

He is in no mood to give up the pacifier. He finally found out why that baby holds onto it for so long – this is the best thing in the whole world. Mom may finally get the pacifier away from him, but he is probably going to get his paws on another one soon, seeing as he absolutely loves having it in his mouth.
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Have you ever seen a dog get so excited about having a pacifier in his mouth? This is such a short video that you’re going to watch it again and again – and probably share with your friends, so go ahead and get started.

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