He Was Found Nearly Blind, Deaf & With Severely Matted Fur. But Look At Him Now!


Prince Muttley was an absolute mess when he was found. He had severely matted fur and was going blind and deaf. He was living with an elderly woman, and it was obvious that she needed help with his care. He just one tooth, and it was not even in good health. One Tail At A Time Dog Rescue step in and made sure that he could live out the rest of his days properly.

It was obvious that he needed immediate care. A volunteer posted about him on Facebook, and one of the people at the dog rescue said that he was in really bad shape. It was one of the worst conditions that anyone had ever seen.
A woman decided to be Prince Muttley’s foster mom. She shaved him down to get rid of all of the matted fur. She took on his medical bills and wanted to see how much time he had left.

The dog was in a lot better shape than anyone thought. He was a tiny little dog and had a lot of energy once he was given a real home. He needs ear medication due to an infection, and that means that he can hear a lot better, too.

Dogs that are in neglectful situations are often the ones where people come out of the woodwork to be able to help them. Whether a dog has two months or two years to live out, they deserve to have the very best life they can have.

It’s sad to see how so many dogs are mistreated. The elderly lady that had him probably didn’t mean to neglect him, but she likely was struggling with caring for herself. This is when it’s important to know when a person can care for a dog or not – and it’s lucky that One Tail At A Time Dog Rescue was able to spot Prince Muttley and get him the foster situation that he’s in now.

Dogs deserve TLC and it doesn’t matter whether they are blind or deaf, they still need it. What do you think of this dog’s transformation.

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