He Flies a Camera Over The Pacific Ocean and Captures Breathtaking Footage


Capturing one dolphin on footage is beautiful. But the footage that Captain Dave Anderson captured in California when he was out recently flying his new camera-equipped drone was a sight he was not expecting. This is because the greatest density of dolphins on earth is found off Southern California. Captain Dave’s safari for whale watching is regarded highly by many because it is able to get people up close as well as personal with regard to the dolphins, whales and the other beautiful sea animals. The whale watching and dolphin safari usually leaves from Dana Point daily and takes on an ocean adventure that can last up to two and a half hours.

On one of the trips, a sight was taken by the captain which showed a large group of dolphins and three gray whales that were migrating down the Pacific coast. This immediately became a viral sensation. The giant megapod of common dolphins captured by the drone were swimming alongside a Whale Research and Rescue boat. The sight of the dolphins together in one group being so close to the boat made an incredible sight. The sight also included a breathtaking footage of a Humpback whale calf that was nuzzling its mother, as well as an escort whale in Maui.

According to Captain Dave,this was the most compelling and beautiful five-minute video that he had ever put together. This footage helped him to learn a lot about these dolphins and whales by use of his quadcopter drone which has the ability to capture incredible and breathtaking shots. The drone captured the shots because they come equipped with generous flight times, high-definition cameras as well as real-time monitoring which allows the users to go places that were never previously possible. These drones capture everything from hidden crevices of the ice caves. Captain Dave has captured something on film which is breathtaking and has the effect of changing the way you look at the ocean. The amazing footage of gray whales in Laguna Beach and Dana Point as well as the gray momma whale accompanied by two baby gray whales.

Drones are emerging as a whole new genre of aerial photography. This aerial photography is known as dronography which is the use of a remote controlled drone while taking photographs as well as video from an aerial viewpoint. A drone is therefore like a robot aircraft or a robot which flies. These are used by photographers who desire to take breathtaking aerial shots or videos. The drone that is beneficial is one which has a built-in camera and one of the main advantages of this is that you can live stream any video footage and it can be seen in real-time. This therefore makes the work of the photographer easier because it allows you adjust shots accordingly and without having to keep on re-shooting.

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