He Finds 2 Dogs In A Trash Heap. As He Moves Closer? He Never Expects THIS!


Living in a trash heap, these two adorable pups were without a home or a family to share their love with. Enter Hope For Paws, a wonderful rescue organization that goes above and beyond when it comes to rescuing homeless, abused or neglected animals.

The rescue received a texted video message about two little dogs who had apparently been abandoned in Los Angeles. The pair were living in a trash heap outside of a local business. The two dogs, a male terrier mix and a female poodle mix were literally inseparable. These two adorable dogs had come to depend on each other for survival, strength and companionship. Being rescued together was the only option as far are the pair were concerned.
From the minute two volunteers from Hope for Paws showed up, it was evident the pair had been waiting for someone to show them some love. Both dogs greeted the volunteers with wagging tails and seem to have little fear of their soon-to-be rescuers.

The workers at the business told the volunteers they had been feeding the pair of pups for a couple of months, which is probably one reason neither pup was afraid of their new friends. At least both dogs had not gone without food, thanks to the kindness of the workers.

Volunteer Lisa Arturo treated the pair of homeless pups to a taste of French fries as she gently reached out to put a leash around each dog. After the pair received their leash, they were treated to the rest of the meal that went with the fries. The male, given the name Pickles by the volunteers, was a little unsure about following his new friends, so he was gently picked up and carried to the pickup.

The little girl who was given the name Dill, willingly followed on her leash, she was not going to be separated from her best friend. Both dogs seemed quite comfortable riding on Lisa’s lap to the shelter.

After a visit to the vet, Dill and Pickles were taken to their temporary home, Bark n’ Bitches Boutique. Both experienced some much needed love and affection, probably for the first time in their young lives. Love truly has the power to transform!
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Their transformation is quite impressive and these adorable puppies, with their smiling faces and joyful eyes will melt your heart. Check out the video of their rescue and experience the joy of their astounding transformation. Be sure to share as often as possible, to Dill and Pickle can get the permanent loving home they deserve.

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