He Fills Balloons With Baking Flour. What He Creates? Something BEYOND Cool!


Looking for a fun, cost effective way to spend time with your kids? Maybe you are trying to put a creative spin on a party favor for a child’s birthday party? Avoid the long lines and overwhelming atmosphere of Toys ‘R Us and make your own ninja balls! Instead of wasting time browsing the isles you could have the materials you need right at home or nearby at a discount craft store.

Grant Thompson is known as the “King of Random” creating videos that put creative spins on traditional concepts. His project might be totally random and out of the blue, but it is simple, fun and worth the watch! All hail mom or dad for creating a fun, interactive toy your kids will love for countless play sessions.

In the video we are introduced to the project. Can you believe there are just three materials that are needed for this fun project? We could hardly believe it until we watched it for ourselves.

First we get a run through of what we need including: colorful latex party balloons, a wide mouth juice bottle or container, a water bottle cut in half, and flour. The function of the juice bottle and water bottle is to create a homemade funnel for the flour to sift through without making any mess.

As the video shows you will need about ¾ of a cup of flour per balloon. Once sifted through the funnel and into the juice bottle (shaking if needed) choose three colors of balloons, preferably similar in color. Blow up one of the balloons, twist the neck and create a suction around the bottle in order to transfer the flour.

Once all of the flour has been moved into the balloon slowly let the remaining air out, massaging the rest of the balloon in order to remove as much air as possible. Cut the tops off of the three balloons, one filled and the rest empty and wrap around the ball filled with flour to seal off any flour that might escape. You are well on your way to creating your masterpiece!

Using a different colored balloon you can cut out designs to wrap over your ninja ball. Here is where you can let your imagination run wild! Cut out circles, lines, webs or super hero masks to thrill your children, co-workers and other guests.

Juggle, squeeze for stress, stack and toss as you see fit. Get creative with patterned balloons, character balloons or keep it simple. No matter which way you choose to go you can’t go wrong with these fun ninja balls!

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