He Cut A $2 Pool Noodle Into 4 Pieces. When I Saw Why, I Knew I Had To Try This!


Many of us spent our summers in the pool. We walked around all summer looking all wrinkled because we stayed in the pool all day every day. The only time that we ever got out of the pool was when we had to go to the bathroom or when we needed a drink. These trips temporarily interrupted our time in the pool. This unique trick would have changed all of that forever.
This trick is absolutely incredible and will permanently change the way you and your family approach pool time. There are many do it yourself tricks on the market today, but this is an absolutely brilliant and amazing one.
The materials for this trick are extremely cheap and will change the way you use the pool. You will need a pool noodle, a plastic tub, and some string. The materials for this trick will only cost around $5 and the project will take you about thirty minutes for you to finish. This probably sounds like an amazing deal for those that are looking to improve their time in the pool.
To start the trick get a medium-sized plastic box out. The color does not matter, but you want to make sure that it is extremely light weight. You may prefer to get a clear plastic tub, because then you will be able to see through it. You may prefer to get a clear plastic tub, because then you will be able to see through it.
Your next step is to get out a pool noodle. You can find these at almost any store, find one that comes in your favorite color or just pick one at random. Take the pool noodle and cut the noodle into four pieces. Two long pieces and two short pieces. Make sure that the pieces are fairly even with their partner. This will make the project both aesthetically pleasing and ensure that the project stays balanced at all times.
Your next step will involve you grabbing some waterproof rope. Once you have the rope, cut a length of rope that is roughly as long as the perimeter of your plastic tub. You can then run your nylon rope through the pool noodles, forming a rectangle. You will be able to tie the rope off to complete it. When finished you will be able to put the plastic tub inside the rectangle. This will become a wonderful floating cooler that you can pack with ice and drinks.
Enjoy this floating cooler all summer and you will be able to stay in the pool and stay cool all summer. If you want to have a drink handy all season, then you need to make sure you make this cooler.






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