He Covers Her With A Curtain. When He Pulls It Away- The Judges Can’t Believe It


Gavin Skinner and Lydia Lim are the duo that comprises Soul Mystique. Their performance is a triple-crown winner. They perform magic, dance to retro music, and somewhere in-between, it’s a fashion show. You’re watching and trying to figure out how anyone can change clothes so quickly with so little camouflage. This particular appearance was during the finale of Australia’s Got Talent’s 6th season. Andrew De Silva and the Wolfe Brothers took 1st and 2nd place respectively, with Soul Mystique handily snagging 3rd place.
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Viewers not able to watch Australia’s Got Talent are left wondering how impressive the 1st and 2nd place winners. What could they possibly have done that was so much more entertaining than Soul Mystique?

Lydia Lim is in-charge of costumes with Gavin Skinner the master of mind of the quick-change trickery. At one point, Gavin leads Lydia behind a black screen and she appears to walk the short distance and comes out the other side with a totally different dress on. It’s remarkable. Most people take longer disrobing to take a shower than Lydia does to change, redress, and even don a new pair of shoes.

Another bit of trickery has the eyes focused on a box, while Gavin appears to instantaneously change clothes inside a box. Lydia chooses the costume swap from outside the box. The finale, for Soul Mystique, has Gavin holding and opening an umbrella—center stage—with Lydia standing in front of him. He pops open the umbrella and multiple streamers—enough for a lady’s vanity to be spared—fall over Lydia, and when they’ve all fallen, she is redressed in a new costume.

Before they appeared onstage, the announcer is sure to mention that it is all live and no video editing had been done for television effect. The judges and audience are astounded and give a rousing standing ovation. Had that not been the case, and with no pre-warning about video editing, one could easily assume that they were seeing a bit of remarkable CGI.

Even though it may not sound so phenomenal on paper, it is one of heck a fantastic show. Their incredible ability to pull the quick-change with fluid and seamless choreography will leave you wondering exactly what you’ve seen. Often, when one sees a title announcing a “Quick Change” act, the response is, “Indeed? How stimulating, are you kidding?” But in this case, it’s not only electrifying, it’s mind-blowing. If they had not been able to successfully pull the act off, they would still be quite talented dancers. They’re much more than that.

You really have to watch the video and see for yourself. Explaining it, does not do the talent of these two people justice. They’re certainly awe-inspiring with their magical whimsy, fashionable clothing choices, and a good natured performance, combining to create a show-stopping act.

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More info:  J1MZO’s channel, Facebook/Soul Mystique, and Wikipedia/Australia’s Got Talent (series 6)

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