He Anxiously Waits For His Bride At The Altar. But What He Does Next Leaves The Entire Church In Awe!


You have likely been to a wedding or two. I have been to more than I can count. The goings-on at a wedding never seemed to surprise me. The bride walks down the aisle, the bride and groom say their vows, and they walked down the aisle again all to live happily ever after.
That’s the way it always goes, right? Not in this case.

This wedding really threw me for a loop because it was so unexpected. What this groom did shocked the entire church.

Niall Donnelly stood at the altar, waiting for the bridal party, just as any good groom would do. What he did next surprise all the guests, and it was simply beautiful.

Niall decided to channel all of his nerves and sing. It provided a stunning background for the bridal procession. The blushing bride took his breath away, causing a slight pause within his performance. It was the perfect way to show that he got a little emotionally choked up at seeing his soon-to-be wife.

The bride soon takes her place next to the groom, and he continues with his song. There is not a more gorgeous way to start a marriage than this. I hope that when I eventually walked down the aisle, my husband to be starts to sing just like Niall. With this video going viral, it could become a new trend within the wedding industry.

This took a lot of courage, but he certainly pulled it off. “Here I Stand Before You…” he sings in a beautiful way. He has the microphone in front of him and there is a guitarist off to the side, who is providing the instrumentals. All we can see is the hand of the man, so we are led to believe that he may have gotten some back up from his best man.

The best part, which is what will give you the goose bumps, is that the song changes to a recording with a woman singing just as the bride starts to walk down the aisle. It’s simply amazing. He continues to sing as she is at his side and she looks as though she’s going to lose it with tears. She smiles, turns around to look at family, and then stares with adoration to her soon to be husband.

Once the song finishes, the ceremony commences, and everyone begins to clap. It is absolutely gorgeous, and more weddings should feature something like this. It is from the heart and absolutely incredible.

Watch this video for yourself and see if you don’t get goose bumps once he starts to sing. After watching it a time or two, share the love with your friends on Facebook so they can experience goose bumps, too.

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