He Adopted A Mutt Off The Streets. When She Gets A Little Older He Realizes… Oh My!


Obviously, the golden retriever husky mix is not a purebred dog. Like most designer or hybrid dogs, the golden retriever husky mix is commonly referred to as Goberian (a portmanteau name). This hybrid dog is a cross of the Siberian husky and the golden retriever.

It is essential to have some basic knowledge of what you get when you cross two or more purebred dogs to produce a designer or hybrid dog like the Goberian. A dog that has been bred over a long period of time, such that its offspring have become predictable both in terms of character and look, as wells as size and temperament.


While these known facts are documented to be used as a standard or sources of guidelines, breeders are encouraged to adhere to these principles. To this end, a dog that does not meet the required standard must not be bred.


This man had no initial idea of the kind of dog he was adopting, until it grew older. One good thing of having a purebred dog is that you will know what dogs of this breed are capable of doing. While some dogs can serve as good companions, others are good for hunting, guarding, herding and even sporting. Knowing the breed of a dog will help you to understand the sort of training, care, health and exercise that is very appropriate for that breed. Most essentially, you become aware of what you have acquired while you can easily get the knowledge that you need to properly care for it.


Over the past many years, am explosion has been observed in interest from dog lovers mainly for designer dogs. This is as a result of their exotic appearance and because people believe that they are healthier than purebred dogs in terms of genetics. The Goberian is one of such dogs. As a designer dog, the fairly uncommon breed has been around since the last decade.


Although not much is really know about who began breeding this designer dog or where and why it was first bred, it is believed that the golden retriever husky mix was probably created to achieve that gorgeous golden coat with its gorgeous blue eyes. The best way to determine the personality of a dog especially when dealing with a hybrid, is to examine the breeds that are involved in the cross.

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