He’s About To Reveal This Dog’s New Look. The Transformation Will Blow You Away!


The Vet Ranch received a call from the local shelter when Love Bug was on the verge of euthanization. He was literally being walked back to get put to sleep, when the Vet Ranch decided to intervene and provide him with a much needed second chance.

When they were asked if they could take him, they did not hesitate for a moment. They are determined to keep him from being euthanized and vowed to do everything in their power to help Love Bug. It may be tough for viewers to see him all beat up, but with the assistance of Dr. Matt, Love Bug is about to undergo an incredible transformation.

The poor pup also has a staph infection, in addition to his mange and Dr. Matt believes he is on the verge of giving up on himself. He wants to restore Love Bug’s faith in the world and bring back his spirit and joie de vivre.

Two weeks later, his face is starting to heal and he is getting better and better each day. The blood has gone away, the mange is starting to subside and he is in a much better mental state.

Viewers who are able to get past Love Bug’s initial on camera appearance are rewarded. Two months later, all of the effort put in by the dedicated workers at the Vet Ranch has totally paid off. Love Bug looks like a completely different dog. He is cleaned up, healed and happy.

At the three minute mark of the video, the new and improved Love Bug is revealed. He is able to run around and play outdoors, he’s been given the proper vaccinations and Dr. Matt has repaired his wounds. Thanks to the donations of concerned citizens, Love Bug received the care he needed and spent three months healing from both a mental and physical standpoint.

Please share this video to spread awareness. Dogs like Love Bug are euthanized every day, because no one will step up to the plate and take care of them. Those who wish to help should make a generous donation to the Vet Ranch to cover the expenses of the next dog who will need assistance.

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