Have You Seen The World’s Rarest And Most Beautiful Horses? Here Are 9!


Horses are special animals with natural breeding season. Increased daylight enhances the receptor centered in the brain of mare, which eventually enhances the production reproductive hormones. The hormone triggers the arrangement of the normal period of estrus or heat which outlines the breeding season every spring. The period extends beyond summer and ends during autumn. Their pregnancy last eleven months, so an excellent time for a foal to be bore ranges between February and May.

Their lifestyle must be minimized of stress and must be kept clean and happy. Stress management is very important for breeding horses, some stress levels are higher than the other but one must be wary of this as it can cause fertility issues and pregnancy abortion.

There are a handful of rare horses and we are proud to bring you a few of them

America cream: The American cream is first on our list, It is a breed of draft horses. This wonderful horse is the only draft breed in America, known by its pink skin color, cream colored coat and amber eye. This breed was created in the 90s just during the time when cars and farm machineries are being produced massively. It was not a good time for draft horse, especially cream colored ones but their lovers kept breeding them in such a consistent way with the old style draft types.


Caspian: They are regarded as Iran’s national treasure and their images appear in art dating back in 3000 B.C. It was known to be extinct until they later resurfaced in 1965. They stand no higher than 12.2 hands, they have similar temperament and hardiness to Arabians.

Akhal-teke stallion 1160 Garant 20, 1991 (1052 Gubalak 5 - 1872 Tsitata 4) line Gelishikli (Gundogar)

Akhal-teke stallion 1160 Garant 20, 1991 (1052 Gubalak 5 – 1872 Tsitata 4) line Gelishikli (Gundogar)

Cleveland Bay: As the name implies, Cleveland bay are bay breed of horses. They are warm-blooded and happen to be England’s oldest horse breed. They are the athletic type horses, they are used for anything and everything.


Colonial Spanish strain: this special breed originated from Spanish stock, almost all their colors appear in the Spanish strains and they are always gaited.


Hackney horse: this high speed horse was formally a roadster, known for its hardness, speed and style.


Newfoundland pony: These beautiful horses were originally bred from colonial stock and they are used as farm machineries in a more advanced way.


Shire: This has nothing to do with middle earth as you would have imagined, their names were derived from rural British countries called Shire. They are one of the largest draft breed and they can reach 19 hands or more.


Suffolk punch: These wonderful horses come in shades of liver and chestnut. They are more versatile than many other drafts breeds, they stand 15 to 16 hands.


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