Haunting Photo Shows An Unwanted Shelter Dog On Her Last Walk


Hundreds if not thousands of dogs wake up in animal shelters across the county not knowing why they are away from their caregivers. Despite the fact that each of them has their own reason why they ended up in the shelter, they are bound together in small kennels. According to a recent study, over 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in the United States animal shelters annually. However, little information about this statistics hit the headlines.


Pat Gregoire, a volunteer who has been working at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles for many years posts pictures of adoptable dogs who are housed in this shelter on social media. Her primary objective is to reduce the number of dogs that end up been euthanized.

A few days after starting working at the facility, she noticed something very peculiar that happens in this and other shelters, but most people do not know about it. She had stopped by one kennel to check on a dog that looked calm and very friendly when one of the workers came and took her away. On asking where he was taking the her, the worker replied, ā€œIā€™m taking her to the back.ā€ Immediately, she realized that was the last time she would see the dog alive. The dog did no resist as she was led by the worker down the hall to be euthanized.

This experience opened her eyes and motivated her to start an initiative to save the lives of other dogs who are housed in shelters waiting for adoption. At first, he used to remove pictures of dogs that were adopted from her social media pages but realized many more were being killed every day. That changed, she now keeps pictures of all dogs that she gets a chance to photograph on his Facebook to share their individual stories with the world.


Well, it is not easy for most people to look at the innocent faces of the dogs and read their stories bearing in mind that they are most likely going to be killed if no one claims them from the shelters. However, Pat is not giving up and promise to triple her efforts to save more dogs by connecting them with potential adopters. Sure, there is barely anything you can do about these dogs if you do not know exactly what happens to them if they are not adopted within a given period of time, but you can make a positive change by sharing this story and making a donation to support this noble initiative.

rescued 11/8/15 – Wags and Walks A4881139my name is Hershey. I am a 3 yr old spayed female brown/white Chihuahua mix….

Posted by Pat Gregoire on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Clearly, there is a need to come up with ways of reducing the number of innocent dogs that are euthanized.

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