Handicapped Kitten Gets Something Better Than A Wheelchair


Vets didn’t expect the kitty whom they called Cassidy to survive after he spent nine weeks in the woods, but this lovable kitten came back stronger than they expected.


The adorable kitten, Cassidy, was found alone in the forests of British Columbia. The kitten spent nine weeks of his life fighting to survive, trying to find some food and water. Cassidy moved around the forest by dragging his body along using his front legs, and his back legs were missing. A property owner found him and notified Shelly Roche, who is a staff of the Tiny Kittens rescue center and she came for him.

Roche used a box trap to catch the kitten and take him to the veterinarian’s emergency room. At only eight weeks old, Cassidy was being feasted on by fleas and, was unable to find food on his own. He had also been slowly starving to death.

The vets at Dr. Mountain View Vet Hospital were shocked that the kitten had survived. Cassidy was diagnosed with a septic E. coli infection and was severely emaciated. At that point, it appeared like euthanasia was the only way to help him. The vet worked hard to reinstate the cat’s health and then named him after Cassidy Hopalong, a famous fictional cowboy. They wanted to help track the cat’s incredible progress, and Roche created a live feed on the Tiny Kittens website.

Soon, the live stream gained a massive audience. When Roche posted an appeal for anyone who may be able to help with pet prosthetics for Cassidy, she had a flood of responses. Most people donated funds towards his medical expenses, made stump covers, sent supplies, and sent words of encouragement.

The Handicapped Pets Canada organization offered to make Cassidy a wheelchair, and the pet used the wheelchair, but soon grew weary of it and opted for an upgrade. He started becoming frustrated due to being strapped into the chair as he really likes to climb. One day, Cassidy hopped up on the Roomba, a 3D wheelchair, and it was unarguably the funniest thing they had ever seen. The new chair helps him jump and climb without being restrained in any way.

Cassidy is currently undergoing physical therapy so he can have a chance at receiving bionic legs someday. He isn’t quite ready for adoption, but Roche said he seems perfectly content where he is.

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