Hand Raising Worship With Tim Hawkins, you’ll laugh SO hard, you’ll cry!


Comedian Tim Hawkins has recorded a funny take on church. He says he attends a hand raising church. This is a church where you raise your hands in praise. You can be dancing and waving your hands all while worshiping. Tim Hawkins is saying that the hand raising worshipers look kind of silly. He is willing to poke fun of himself during his own worship time. He even asked the audience if they could raise their hands. He teased the ones who could not do it. This is all done in very good humor and is very funny. Church doesn’t seem the place to laugh about worshiping, but Hawkins makes it okay.

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He first pokes fun at the people who keep their hands in their pockets. He calls them “elbow flap” worshipers. He says they want to raise their hands in praise, but are not for sure they should. They are getting a bit into the spirit of the room. Tim Hawkins leaves no one out here. He is great at making you laugh at yourself all in good fun. Carry the TV is the next hand waving activity. He says worshipers look like they are taking a big screen television out of their house. It looks so funny when Hawkins performs this act. The next one is catching a fish. This form of hand raising worship is for all the folks who are a fisherman like a lot of Jesus’ followers. You might be able to say you caught a fish this big compared to another worshiper.

The laughter continues when Hawkins comes up with heartburn. This is for all the folks who love being at church, but cannot quite express it. They put their hands over their hearts like they are saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Tim Hawkins is taking a risk when poking fun of people at church, but he does such a good job at it. You forget that he is making fun of something many people would not even attempt. He has great comic timing that makes his act even more perfect.

Hawkins favorite is called giving the Lord a high-five. He says this is for the worshipers that get so excited they do not know what to do with their hands. He is sure that God would high-five you back if given the chance. That is also what makes Hawkins act so funny. He does his best at making God appear like a real person, not just a deity. You cannot help but laugh along with him and at yourself.

Tim Hawkins thinks ladies are a bit leery of this, so they do a queen wave in raising their hands. Tim Hawkins is worth a watch in hand raising fun.

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