Groom Waits Anxiously For His Bride. The Second The Door Opens, Everyone Gasps


Jennifer Darmon tied the nuptial cord as she walk down the aisle on the day of her wedding this weekend, which came as a special moment, since her limitation to a wheel chair after an auto car accident in 2008. As a result, Lady Jennifer became incapacitated from the waist downwards.

On Saturday, the brilliant bride walked to the altar with the assistance of leg supports and a fabricated metal walker. On the 25th of March, she vowed to make this moment a reality during an interview with ABC’s “World News.”

Darmon, who is 28 years old, followed through on her vow when she declared “I do” to her 25 years old spouse – Mike Belawetz, this past Saturday.

Darmon was a bank employee from Windsor, Canada, while Belawetz was a simple paramedic who got more than he deserved banking in her bank. It was in 2006, and Belawetz found himself setting off and on to the bank three times each week. In the long run, they began dating, and fell in love. In 2008, the unexpected happened, it was at this point disaster struck.

They were journeying with friends when they had a head-on collision with an approaching vehicle. Everybody except Darmon had been able to escape from the vehicle after the accident, who was unable to move, Being a paramedic, Belawetz succeeded to get her out from the crashed vehicle When he ran his hand down her spine, he realized that the most exceedingly awful situation may be affirmed.

After the accident Belawetz never left her side, staying with her through every little step and therapeutic turns. What’s more, he did it, proposing to Darmon on their fourth year of friendship.

Be it as it may, when her sweetheart – Mike Belawetz – made the unbelievable proposal in 2010, she found herself on a new horizon capable of seeing life from a very different perspective. This was the type of moments most ladies picture for the day of their weddings: a large crowd of spectators, a dignified walk down the aisle, and a first dance on the dance floor with her new spouse. From her own reasoning, going down the aisle, rolling on a wheelchair was impossible.

So, on the 16th of April, following quite a long period of some difficult sessions of recuperating exercise, the 28-year-old Jennifer Darmon turned her aspiration into a reality: With the help of titanium leg supports that bolt beneath her knee and the assistance she got from her dad and brother, she really walked down the aisle. Finally, when the ideal time came for the 24-year-old Mike Belawetz to kiss his bride, he didn’t need to take a second thought.

However, the determined journey down the aisle was only a piece of the highly emotional day. As Jack Johnson’s song – “Better Together” – played softly on the background, the couple danced along.

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