Grandma Says She Can Do A Double Backflip. What Happens Next? NOT What I Expected!


When most people think about their grandma they think of a quiet little lady who feeds birds, knits, bakes pies and doesn’t forget to catch her favorite PBS program streaming before her 7’oclock bedtime. That is, unless your grandma is June! This little old lady has the spunk, alleged agility and determination that is unlike any other average senior citizen.
Captivated by an audience surrounding her June steps up to the plate, front and center ready for the limelight to be shown on her. The pop music in the background sets the stage for a trick that we can only imagine must be a back flip. How can she at her age? She must be bound to hurt herself in the process!

With a smile and some swagger June gets into place, she convinces her friends to gather around to watch the show go down. Her talent, her humor and sense of everlasting adventure lures the crowd in. The music is playing, the anticipation is high. Everyone is ready for June to show them what she is made of.

We can even hear a drum roll in the distance as the audience eagerly awaits her trick. The entire time she is smiling and laughing as her back is turned to the camera. She can and she will do something that will shock and amaze!

June seems to be convincing her audience that she can do a back flip and the crowd eats it up. She stands at attention bends her knees getting ready to propel herself backwards, flinging her body into the air and propelling her limbs to perform a feat only the most nimble, muscular and trained athletes find effortlessly possible. She then convinces the audience she can do a DOUBLE back flip! Impossible some think, but she gets ready.

She pulses three, four times and just as we think she is about to defy the laws of age and gravity simultaneously she lets out a huge laugh and flips the bird to her captive audience. The crowd roars with laughter as she scampers off jumping with every step. Clearly June is very pleased with her performance and the crowd sounds like they think the very same.

According to June, the secret to living a long and prosperous life is being able to laugh at yourself and have a little fun. We can see she is clearly doing both in this video! June sends a message to all of us; enjoy life! Just when you think you have reached your limit whether it be by age or ability you are fully capable of pulling a June and making everyone laugh instead.

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