Grandma Goes for A Ride in Her Grandson’s Fancy Car, But Things Take A Turn When the Police Pull Up


Most of us love our grandparents, especially Grandma because she spoils us and lets us get away with most things, unless you have one of the mean ones, then we pity you. However, in most families, grandmothers are doting, sweet, superb cooks and are always down to dole out a few extra dollars to help you out. Grandmothers are adorable. They can be nosy and they usually want to be included in everything. While we love them, we kind of want to teach them a lesson, preferably a lesson that they will never forget even when dementia sets in.

Let’s Teach Grammy A Lesson, Shall We?

Roman Atwood is a filmmaker and a YouTube prankster who loves his grandmother a lot. In fact, he decided he would make her 78th birthday super special.

Apparently, his grandmother had been asking him to take her for a spin in his brand new car. Being a good grandson, he happily obliged. However, knowing what he does for a living, we are all quite aware that he had ulterior motives. Even so, Granny seemed oblivious to that. We presume that she has no idea what even YouTube is.

Granny In A Fast Car

So he starts off the joyride by driving really fast and drifting. At this point we are kind of worried about his grandmother because she is literally plastered to the seat, probably holding on for dear life. We wonder if she took her heart medicine before they left the house. We really hope she did, because she is in for more than she bargained for. Sadly, she wasn’t wearing any pearls to clutch.

It Doesn’t End There

So they get to a parking lot and Atwood “decides” to switch seats with her, claiming that he just wants to take a picture to show the rest of the family. At this point she tells him she doesn’t even know how to drive.

Being a good grandmother, she gives in. Granny obliges and she seems to be enjoying herself. She has no idea that she’s being pranked, the poor woman. Then the cops show up. But we all know they’re part of the act, judging by the camera they have in the backseat.

Granny doesn’t have any identification on her and neither does Atwood, or so he claims. At this point the police officer tells her that he needs her to get out of the car and she is probably quite shocked, especially when the officer tells her the car is stolen and that they are under arrest.

Atwood uses this opportunity to get the cake and balloons from the backseat of the squad car. You can see the relief on his grandmother’s face when she realizes it was just a prank. However, we have a feeling that she will get him back for this. We hope she will upload the video.

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