Going To Prison Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To These Dogs. Here’s Why.


Everyone should get at least one new “leash” on life, even those who have made mistakes in the past. That is exactly what some shelter dogs and prisoners are getting together. This trend, although somewhat new is proving to be quite successful. The program, called “New Leash On Life,” has been bringing together shelter dogs and those in prison and it is helping to improve the lives of not only the prisoners, but also the lives of the dogs.


The program give the dogs some much needed attention and affection while allowing the prisoners the chance to be responsible over the life of another living being. It provides both man and man’s best friend a sort of ‘second chance’ at gaining some much needed feelings of companionship and accomplishment.

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Most shelter dogs that have been abandoned or have been strays before finding their way to shelters typically can become depressed when they have been in a shelter for too long. The staff at animal shelters do what they can to ensure the dogs get the much needed attention, affection and even some much needed exercise.

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But the sad truth is, there are just not enough hours in the day and most shelters are understaffed, which makes it almost impossible to provide every dog with the amount of attention they desperately need to prevent depression.

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The program saves the lives of the dogs at-risk by giving them the socialization and training they need to help improve the dog’s chances at being adoptable. It also gives the inmates a chance to learn some skills that can be carried to the outside and help them find potential employment in the animal care industry.

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Because the prisoners attend training workshops on job skills and life skills it helps to lead them into opportunities in animal care and even opens the door for some paid apprenticeships.


For those prisoners who have been in and out of prison most of not all of their adult lives, this program provides them with a skill which can be used to get a job when they are released. Overall this is a total win-win for both the shelter dogs and the inmates.


This story and the pictures go far in showing just how love, compassion and a desire to teach and learn can create a second chanced to those who need it the most. Please make sure to share this awesome story of hope to as many as possible. Give someone a glimpse of hope today!

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