Goat Given To Tiger As Food Months Ago Is STILL His Friend


Timur is a goat and when he entered the den of Amur, a tiger, no one could have predicted what would happen next. Timur was considered to be dinner for the tiger initially, but they became fast friends and their relationship continues to blossom to this day.

Even the editors of the local newspaper, the Siberia Times, assumed the worst and thought that the tiger would eat the goat. They predicted that the friendship would be over within the week, but they are still going strong five weeks later.

They are not having any problems getting along, either. They’ve played hide and go seek and even butted heads with one another. While Timur did kick the tiger out of his own shelter during a bad rainstorm, they were able to get past this minor disagreement and remain pals.


Just like any friendship, these animals have made it through thick an thin with one another. But what is even stranger than their friendship are the humans who have dedicated themselves to analyzing every move that Timur and Amur make.

Once the animals became buddies and roommates, they have received an intense amount of scrutiny and have become famous throughout the world. Russian documentary filmmaker Eleonora Lyubimova even made a film about their kinship.


But one documentary does not seem to be enough, as a South Korean film crew, led by Sooyong Park, is also creating a movie based on their unique friendship.

The zoo where they reside has experienced a 300 percent increase in attendance and they have decided to install 16 cameras, so that online observers can enjoy a live stream. While Amur’s friendship with Timur is real, he has not abandoned his instincts to kill.


He is still fed live prey twice a week, but the zoo staff no longer feeds him goats, as a means of showing respect to Timur. It is believed that Timur’s bravery is helping to save him and since no one ever taught him to be afraid of tigers like Amur, he shows no signs of weakness in his presence.

The tiger sensed Timur’s lack of fear and immediately gave up on trying to intimidate him. At the moment, no one knows how this friendship will end. These two will either go down in history as the unlikeliest friends of all time or Amur will resort to acting on instinct. This story has spread to all corners of the planet and deserves to go even further, so share away!


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