A Giant Dog Was About To Be Put Down For His ‘Scary’ Looks When Something Amazing Happened.


They say you should never judge a book by its cover. It’s not only applicable to people, but to animals, as well. The rush to judgement invariably leads to regret, for you never know what you’re going to end up missing out on due to judgement, and it may have been the greatest thing you’ll never know.

Take for instance an 8 year old Neapolitan mastiff named Loki. The 8 year found himself abandoned and taken in by Animal Control after his former owner was evicted from his apartment. So nervous by the massive dog’s appearance, Loki was first tranquilized before transporting him to the facility for care.

So unnerved by the large dog’s presence, Animal Control decided that the best course of action was to put the Loki down after two days. It’s the kind of rush to judgement that usually causes heartbreak or regret down the line.


Luckily, the former owner was informed of this, and went to Animal Control to explain exactly how harmless the giant canine was. Loki was nothing more than a big baby. And although he proved his point to save his beloved dog, there was still a problem. Loki didn’t get walks or exercise, had no one to play with, nor did he have the means for medical aid.


Enter Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. While the rescuer admitted that initially he was unsettled by Loki, it didn’t take much time to warm up to sweet natured behemoth. In fact, everybody fell in love with Loki.


And the story gets better: the loving & playful Loki was treated for ear infections, heart worms and various skin infections, and adoption applications started coming in for Loki in droves. The happy ending comes when the mastiff was adopted and cemented an immediate bond with his new foster family, and his former owner must be both pleased – and relieved – that his beloved Loki was given not only a second chance; but good medical care and a good home, to boot.


And the moral of the story is that sometimes, you need to take a step back and take a close look at something that you may think of as one thing, because it may change after careful examination. And it is our nature to judge, maybe a bit too quickly, but it’s also our nature to also show extraordinary kindness and loyalty to not only one another, but our animal companions, as well.

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