Get Ready To Feel All The Jealousy When You See What This Tiny Deer Does…


We’ve all heard about those videos that capture events that could only happen once in a lifetime; this is perhaps one of those events. A deer walks up to a girl, as if asking for help. She initially starts to pet the deer, as if asking what’s wrong, and then leads it back into the woods.

Creating a bond of friendship with an animal is something that only children seem to be capable of. We’ve all wanted pets when we were a lot younger, and for the few that were lucky enough to have pets at a young age, they would explain an almost human bond that they hand with the animals. Animals can read a lot of human emotions. They tend to know when you are caring or sympathetic, and they also seem to know when someone is simply out to hurt them. In this video, a baby deer walks up to a little girl and they bond almost instantaneously. This is one of those videos that teach you about love and friendship. Being able to have someone you can share your secrets and emotions is something that every little kid craves for. Whilst some are lucky enough to find it, some aren’t so lucky.

This video manages to capture a bond that a little girl managed to share with a deer over a short period of time. The deer covered with white spots walks up to the girl in need of care and affection. Deers are known for their extremely strong hinds feet, but these legs take a long while to develop into strong adult legs. They are also born with skinny, feeble legs that take a long while to get used to. This happens to be one of those videos that perfectly show how feeble the legs of a baby deer can be.

The little girl’s family just returned from a road trip, and she has an unlikely visitor in her yard. The little fawn wanders into the yard on its own, and it takes just a few minutes for the girl to develop an instantaneous bond with the little creature. The little deer strolls right up to her, and then she leads it back into the woods where its mother can find it. The video looks a lot like something out of a Disney fairy tale.
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There are some videos that make us all take a few seconds to think about why human beings do not show the same level of love and care to random strangers. If a little girl, still unpolluted by the harsh realities of this world can identify a stranded fawn and provide assistance, then why don’t humans make the extra effort to help out where we can? With the garage door still open and voices all around, the family seems to have just returned from a long trip, but this little girl knows what must be done first. She must first render assistance to those in need of it. Feel free to share the love, and perhaps this video.

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