German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take A Nap, Now Watch Mom’s Reaction…


Every parent knows that it can be nearly impossible to get a young child to sleep and keep them asleep. It is a challenge that is common in parenthood. There are late naps, the need to play, hunger, excitement about what’s going on, and more that can lead to kids avoiding sleep when they should. This is evident in the dog world. Too. The German Shepherd puppy in this video is oh-so-cute because it has way too much energy to settle down and take a nap. Within this video that has gone viral, Kali the puppy is playing with a toy. The mom is trying to get some much needed rest. She notices that Kali has wandered from his bed and so she gets up to see where he’s at.

What’s amazing is when you find out about the back story. The puppy was a rescue. The “mother” in the video is simply a dog who stepped in to play mother, which is that much more amazing. We cried when we found this out and it’s no surprise that this video went viral. Dogs are incredible creatures and their ability to love is astounding at times.

I’ve watched this video several times and it gets me every time. The little puppy obviously needed a little extra attention to be able to settle into his bed and that’s exactly what he got. We’re hoping that both Kali and the grown up German Shepherd were able to get a much needed nap after this. I think that the older dog is going to need all the rest she can get in order to keep up with the puppy.

The video cuts off after all of the tender cuddling, but hopefully the puppy learned his place and went back to bed. Otherwise, we have no doubt that the mom took care of it yet again because she has obviously decided to be the parent to this wonderful and playful puppy.

Be honest, how many times did you watch the video?

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