German Shepherd Dog With Short Spine Found As Stray Has Loving Heart


Dog breeding may seem like a very simple concept, but it is one that is definitely better left to the professionals of the world. When the proper dog breeding techniques are not followed, it leads to problems like the ones experienced by this poor German shepherd.


It is clear as day to see that the breeders who were responsible for this dog’s condition did not take the time to learn more about their chosen craft before bringing this dog into the world. Their irresponsible behavior should serve as a lesson to us all.

There is no reason to be in this business for a mere quick buck. When dog breeding does not go as planned, animals like the one you are about to meet are tossed away, without so much as a second thought. These inhumane practices need to be stopped, as soon as possible.


The German shepherd in this story is named Quasimodo and when you see the photos of him, the reasoning for this name will become quite obvious. As a result of his improper breeding practices, he now has Short Spine Syndrome, which causes him to appear as if he does not have a neck at all.


This condition is incredibly rare and there are only 12 other dogs besides Quasimodo who are currently suffering from it. The twisting that the spine experiences also causes additional problems with the animals’ internal organs.

Quasi was taken in by the good people at Secondhand Hounds. They’ve looked him over, estimated his age at roughly five years old and are astounded that his condition has not changed his gentle and sweet demeanor.


His unique look attracts a fair amount of attention and while he is not able to do everything that the other dogs are able to, his happiness has not been diminished by one iota and he plays in the yard with the shelter’s staff members.


Quasimodo currently resides in a foster home, as he continues to mend his wounds at the shelter. By all accounts, he is well behaved while he is inside of the X-ray machine and he is ready to learn more about his spinal condition and any additional treatments that he might end up needing.


In the meantime, it is our sincerest hope that Quasi is able to find a forever home with a family that is ready to provide him with the care he needs. Please feel free to share this story, everyone.

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