Frowning Kitty Has Ability To Stare And Glare Without Moving


If you have ever seen Grumpy Cat before, then you know all about the fear that a cat’s glare can lend to a situation. Grumpy Cat has become Internet famous for its disapproval, but that kitty has nothing on our pal Albert.

This is one of the most distinctive cats that we have ever laid eyes on, with his piercing eyes that could bore a hole straight through you. This cat probably gets a lot of unsolicited apologies, that’s for sure. His stare already has us racking our brains, trying to think of all the things that we’ve done wrong in our lives.

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Would you believe that Albert got his start as a would be show cat? While he was rejected initially, we believe that he has found his true calling. A glare like this probably wouldn’t have gotten him very much love from the judges, that’s for sure.

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The cat got his name from Albert Einstein, as you could probably tell from his crazily thick coat and the color of his fur. While the name and coat are both eye catching, it is the eyes that draw the most attention of all. Hard to look away, isn’t it?

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Albert’s disapproving face has allowed him to serve an incredibly important function for his owners. His parents, Susan and Mike, are responsible for running Sagebrush Fine Art, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whose face do customer see when they enter? You guessed it, Albert’s!

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He might be somewhat off putting in the beginning to those who don’t know him, but in time, he’ll usually start to warm up. All it takes is some good petting for his guard to come down and from there, he’s as friendly of a cat as you could ever hope to meet, with plenty of purring and tons of affection to go around.


The glare is actually a happy face, so don’t worry too much about that! His thick coat requires a fair amount of maintenance, but does he look like he minds the attention?


Some of us could use a cat like Albert in our daily lives, so that we know when we are slacking off. If we had more cats like Albert out there in the world, perhaps we’d get a lot more work done. With eyes like those glaring at you, you’d definitely be a lot more productive. If you enjoyed this story as much we did, take a moment to share it with your family and friends.

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