From Where This Man Rescues Two Kittens Will Leave You Speechless


The two kittens in this story were in dire straits, before an incredibly selfless man came along and provided them with the rescue that they so desperately needed. They were trapped in a deadly Russian spill and without the help of this, these kittens would not be alive today.

Anatoly Tuptey was working tirelessly to ensure that the oil spill did not claim lives and spread too far. While he was doing everything he could to clear the oil away, he heard faint cries for help. The cries were emanating from a country house that was experiencing serious effects from the spillage.


This man’s big heart would not allow him to neglect kittens who were in need of his help. He knew that these animals required his assistance and would stop at nothing to provide it.


Clad in massive wading boots, he walked as far as his gear would let him and it was at that moment he saw a waking nightmare. The house was flooded with oil and the kittens were trapped inside, clinging to a wooden board, struggling with all their might just to stay alive. Anatoly noticed that one of the kittens was drenched up to the neck.


Not hesitating for even a split second, Anatoly waded in further, with the objective of saving these animals from a certain death. The oil was softening the ground, making it difficult for Anatoly to walk. He was waist deep in the muck and mire and the two kittens were grateful for his presence.


Anatoly’s boots were now filled with water and oil, but he was not deterred. He grabbed the kittens, held them closely and took every precaution as he carried them to safety.


Once he reached the shore with the kittens in tow, he wrapped them up in a T-shirt, so that they could stay warm. The poor creatures were covered in gooey oil, but they were no worse for the wear and we are happy to report that they are now doing fine.


Anatoly adopted the kittens and his dog has become fast friends with this adorable pair, helping his father to care for them in their time of need.


Check out these happy kittens, as they were psyched to be rescued!


They certainly love Anatoly’s pup!


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