Frantic Mama Dog Starts Screaming When The Rain Begin To Flood. That’s When They Realize Why…


This poor little dog was in a bad way. She was about to give birth and she had nowhere to go. She was a stray and she knew she had to be careful where she delivered her puppies. She was desperate when she saw a house with a small crawl space. She dug under and prepared for her delivery. Her hide-away was far enough that human hands could not easily reach her. The house provided the shelter she needed. The rains were heavy in Israel at that time. Though she would not be allowed to stay long, she was able to deliver a litter of twelve puppies. She rested and gathered her strength knowing she would have to leave her pups so that she could find food. If she did not find food she, and all of them would die. The mother thought her immediate problems were over. She was wrong.
The rains continued and lakes and rivers swelled. The water was puddled around the sides of the house but the dog and her puppies were dry in the center of the crawl space. As the hours went on the water came closer and closer.

The mother dog went to investigate and saw the entire area was wet; it was too wet! In a panic she knew she was in trouble. The waters were rising and her babies would not be able to survive it.

The mother dog spotted some soldiers near-by. She ran to them and barked and wined. She ran to the opening under the house and jumped and barked and then ran back to the soldiers and soon they understood that she needed their help. The men ran with her to the house and as she crawled through the flooded grounds they knelt ready to help her as she brought out her pups one at a time.

She tried her best, and the soldiers helped as much as they could. The flood waters came too fast and she was too weak to fight the waters and get all of the puppies to a safe area. She managed to save seven puppies. Sadly, the rest were lost to the flood waters.
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