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Much to the surprise of many who were not in the know, Japan is home to some of the world’s most adorable places. There are a wide range of animal sanctuaries to be found all over the country, including islands of cats and bunny rabbits. These sanctuaries are often considered magical and draw in tourists from all over the world. It can be difficult to resist the opportunity to be surrounded by adorable critters.

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While many are already aware of the rabbit and cat villages, did you know that there is also a village of foxes? These cute foxes are simply waiting for you to come meet them, play with them and they are more than happy to compete with one another for your attention. Just be careful with your food items, as they are likely to compete with each other for those, as well.

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A whopping total of six various fox species can be found at Fox Village and they live together in perfect harmony. These foxes frolic and romp through the village together, waiting for the next set of visitors to jockey for attention from. Conveniently located in the Japanese prefecture known as Miyagi, a tourist only needs to spend 100 yen, which is the equivalent of 85 cents in United States currency, to spend time with the foxes and be provided with food.

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It is important to note that these foxes have not been domesticated in any way. Tourists are advised against feeding them treats by hand. Those who visit Fox Village are also cautioned against bringing their small children. Although little ones enjoy gazing at the cute and cuddly creatures, these foxes have not been taught how to handle small children.

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Foxes are known in the Western Hemisphere for being cunning and conniving. There are a wide range of children’s stories that have been written about sly foxes who trick the other foolish animals out of their prized possessions. The perception of foxes in Japan is no different.

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However, there are some Japanese citizens who are under the belief that foxes are imbued with mystical powers. Others believe that foxes are sent by the deity known as Inari Okami. Inari Okami is the deity most closely associated with fertility, in addition to rice and prosperity. Those who are unconvinced can look at the photographs and judge for themselves.

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Traveling to Japan is typically a massive undertaking and most tourists do not know what they have gotten themselves into. At Fox Village, you are able to enjoy exactly what has been advertised. There is nothing quite like the image of a village overrun with adorable foxes. Fox Village is just one of the many sanctuaries filled with cute and adorable animals.

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