Fox And Hound Are Real-Life Best Friends


Disney movies present a fairy tale version of the world, one in which a street rat can marry a beautiful princess or an adorable animal can triumph over adversity and assume their rightful place in their kingdom. But for most of is, these movies are about as far as it gets from real life.


For those who wish that this wasn’t the case, this story provides us with a welcome respite from the horror stories that we tend to hear on the news each day and proves that even the stories from Disney movies can come true.


This is the story of the fox and the hound, come to life before our very eyes. Sniffer is a wild fox and Tinni is a dog, but they have not allowed these differences to stop them from becoming fast friends. Torgeir Berge is their owner and he lives in Norway, where he makes a living as a photographer.


He has the perfect profession, since he has been able to capture all of the amazing moments that the pair have been able to share. He’s also not shy about sharing his photography work with the rest of the world, so that they can see just how amazing this budding friendship truly is.


Their friendship has now progressed to the point where they are no longer of the fact that they are from different species. The way that these two play together, you would think that they were born to the same parents. They also know how to keep it gentle, so that no one gets hurt.


As a result of this friendship, Berge has become an outspoken critic of the fur industry. He believes that the practices that are used are cruel and unfair, especially for the foxes who are forced to live in cages before they are eventually skinned. Their pelts are then sold on the open market, but Sniffer will be able to avoid such a fate, thanks to his dad and his new buddy.


Sniffer and Tinni get to spend their days roaming in the woods behind Dad’s house, playing to their heart’s content. This is one of the most uniquely adorable friendships that we have ever seen and we are proud of Torgeir for taking a stand against the fur industry. If you loved this amazing tale as much as we did, then take a moment to pass this post along to your closest friends and loved ones.


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