He Found This Little Baby Abandoned On The Beach. What Happened Next Defied All Odds.


There is something about baby animals that bring out the best in us. Maybe because we can see the inherent vulnerability, or the almost human qualities cubs and infant animals seem to embody. Even moreso, we see how other animals react to the young. It are these qualities that bring out the best in most of us, inspiring us to do things in the care of others.


For instance, an expert at Monterey Bay Aquarium walked outside of his house one morning. Since he lived on the beach, he soon came across this baby otter, quite distressed because she was completely abandoned. He picked up the helpless otter and carried around the beach, hoping its mother would respond to the infant’s cries.

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When it became apparent the infant otter was utterly abandoned, she was taken to the aquarium for further care. While they were stabilizing the traumatized infant, there was another pressing concern: where would she live? Monterey Bay Aquarium did have a program that rehabilitated and re-released animals back into the wild, but there were no adult otters available for her care.

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The nearby Shedd Aquarium; however, had ample room to accommodate the orphan otter. Naming her Pup 719 for the duration, they began the process of helping her transition to her new surroundings and current situation.

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But like many young creatures, Pup 719 merely emphasized the resilience of youth. And while in shock from the events that occurred, she began to slowly come out of her shell, acclimating not only to her new surroundings, but her adoptive family as well. She became more playful, swimming and generally making friends.

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The Shedd caretakers are right now trying to find a new name for Pup, after all, her overly loving and playful nature is not only evident, but appreciated. And while her biological family has yet to be found, this young otter has found a human family that takes great pains – and cares – for her well being.

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What comes next for young Pup? Well, her adoptive family is already trying to find an appropriate name, and her health is getting better and better. Due to the efforts of the Shedd Aquarium, Pup will live a long and healthy life.

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And while many people think this a simple piece about saving an orphaned animal, it is human nature to intrinsically care for the young and helpless. It is one of the qualities that make us the top of the food chain, so to speak: our compassion and kindness towards those that are unable to take care of themselves. There’s no doubt that Pup – or whatever name they finally give her – will live out the rest of her days at least in some comfort, safe, and content.



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