Former Street Dog Repays Kindness By Taking A Bullet To Save Her Family


She was homeless and alone when this family took Merie into their homes. They looked past the tired eyes and saw a life worth saving. Merie would return the kindness by standing between the family and a gunman.

She lost her leg in the battle, and they lost two members of the family but because of Merie’s fight the rest of the family escaped. Merie was just a street dog, but their love made her a member of the family and she stood for that family when she was needed!

Merie was tired, cold and alone. She was not a pedigree and she was not a beautiful animal. She was just a small dog with a big heart. She had lived on the streets of South Africa for far too long and her body showed the signs of that heavy load. An elderly couple spotted Merie and took her home with them. She was grateful. They were glad for the companionship and feed Merie and cared for her.


One day when the extended family had gathered, gunmen entered the house shooting. Merie showed no fear and positioned herself between the gunmen and the family. Most of the family escaped due to Merie keeping the gunmen busy. When the smoke cleared, two members of the family lay dead of gunshot wounds. Merie had taken a bullet to the front leg. The family got their hero to the veterinarian as quickly as the situation allowed.


Merie lost her leg to the gunfight. The family was devastated that they lost two members of the family. However they know it could have been much worse. They hold their stray friend as a hero and they are committed to her safety and health. The members of the family have come together to afford the veterinarian help she needs and will need in the future.

In South Africa (and other parts of the world) street dogs are far too common. There are too many for the shelters and volunteers to manage. There are far many more stray animals than there are homes for them.

In that sense Merie was fortunate to have been found by the elderly couple. She was fortunate to be homed by them and cared for. She was lucky that they saw past her odd looks and tired eyes and saw the heart of a dog that just wanted love and was willing to return it with her life. 

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