For 6 Days, A Depressed Goat Sat In A Corner. But Watch When He Hears THIS Outside…


A goat was brought to a new shelter as a result of an animal hoarding case in Southern California. The goat’s name was Mr. G (get it, for Goat?) Immediately upon being brought to the shelter, he was extremely depressed. He sat in a corner for close to six days without doing much of anything. He ate very little, and didn’t move around. Even though he was healthy, it was obvious that he was depressed.

The shelter learn that he had been neglected at his last home, though he had a bunkmate – Jelly Bean. They had no idea that the animals had become so close. One of the workers at the shelter offer to make the 14 hour round-trip drive to go bring Jelly Bean to their shelter.
Even though the shelter had never had a donkey (burro) on-site, they were willing to give it a try in order to cheer up the spirits of Mr. G. the moment the trailer pulled up, you could see Mr. G’s head perk up. He was interested in what was going on, and it is perhaps because he already heard his friend Jelly Bean.

Before the donkey was even completely unloaded, the goat had come out of the corner and was walking around. Once the donkey was brought in, Mr. G would not leave his side. It was obvious that this is what he needed. He had developed an incredible friendship, and he grew depressed by not having his friend in his life.

Mr. G’s personality changed almost immediately by having Jelly Bean around. Everyone at the shelter was beyond shocked to see just how incredible the transformation was.

It was great that both of these animals had been rescued from an abusive owner, but they were brought to different sanctuaries. This wasn’t fair because they were friends. However, neither of the rescue shelters were aware of this friendship. They had such a strong bond, and couldn’t bear to be away from each other because they had already bonded over the neglect that they were a part of.
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You would probably be depressed if you were moved away from all of your friends too. Share this with your friends now, and remind them how much their friendship means to you!

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