Football Player Walks Into Shelter And Asks For Their ‘Least Adoptable Dog’


Just last week, Baltimore Ravens rookie Ronnie Stanley had a very specific request to make when he walked into an area animal shelter with his girlfriend and teammate, Alex Lewis. On arrival, he went straight to the front desk and requested that they needed a not-so-adoptable dog that has been at the shelter for a long time.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the offensive tackle explained that there are so many meanings to ‘Not-so-adoptable’ such as physically imperfect, senior pets, on-going medical and so on. While expressing their joy, the animal shelter how delighted its matchmakers were.

When Stanley and his girlfriend stumbled on Winter, they immediately fell in love with her. Winter is a 6-year-old dog that was brought to the shelter after she was discovered on a hot day in a vacant parking lot. At that time, she was looking extremely frightened and very dehydrated.

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) did a great job in sustaining her and ensuring that she is kept alive in good health. Obviously, she must have been used for over breeding as she had a long, hanging belly and there are no signs of her belly tighten up in the future due to her age. However, the couple seemed very happy to have her as a new addition to their family.

However, it is not surprising to see Ronnie Stanley looking for a dog to adopt. He has just found his way into a new city where he would be staying for a while, so he would need a canine buddy to keep him company. Actually, if you are looking to adopt a dog, is no better place to go than to a shelter.

There is nothing new about adopting a dog, in anyone can do just that. But what makes Stanley’s case a little more spectacular, the way he presented his uncommon request. Hardly will you find anyone going to look for a not-so-adoptable pet in an animal shelter.
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For a person of his caliber, no one would expect him to adopt a dog nobody else wanted. Who would have believed that a superstar would opt for a less dignified dog? The Ravens’ rookie offensive tackle surprised everyone when he made an uncommon choice. Only a real warm-hearted person can decide to take home a dog nobody else would accept.


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