Fold T-Shirts Better Than Sheldon Cooper


Most people that have seen the “Big Bang Theory” have seen Sheldon Cooper folding his clothes and T-shirts with a plastic folding gizmo. You can buy these but they are expensive and do not last a long time with a lot of use because the joints at the folding parts usually break. This neat little video shows you how to make your own T-shirt folder from stuff you already have.

T-shirts are a hassle because no matter how you fold or roll them the shirts usually come out wrinkled and spoil your look. Nobody wants to iron T-shirts and some of the best looking and most expensive T-shirts do not take ironing well at all.

All you need to make a perfect T-shirt folder for next to nothing in price is a ruler that is at least two feet long, an xacto knife or any sharp cutting knife, a little tape, and some cardboard. The trick is using cardboard that you have in boxes that you got stuff in. You can make something very useful with the cardboard and recycle some of what you might normally toss.

You need three pieces of cardboard. Cut the cardboard in pieces that are 29 and 17/32 inches long by 9 and 27/32 inches wide, 29 and 17/32 inches long by 13 and 25/32 inches wide, and 14 and 11/64 inches long by 9 and 27/32 inches wide.

All you have to do is tape the pieces of cardboard together like the video shows you. Medium thickness cardboard appears to work best but thicker cardboard may be more durable. You want to avoid thin cardboard.

Once you have the little hack device put together you can fold T-shirts in no time. You fold the sleeves in first. Then you fold three times with the cardboard device. The T-shirt comes out smooth and flat with no wrinkles. It may take you five seconds to fold a T-shirt.

The video is only a minute and sixteen seconds long but it shows you exactly how to make the T-shirt folder and how to use it folding a T-shirt. The guy that thought this up is really genius not a television genius like Sheldon Cooper.

Once you try this you will have to share it with all your social media pals and anyone you know that does laundry. The little gizmo is ideal for women that have a lot of kids that like T-shirts.

The device is really simple to make, has excellent video instructions, is environmentally friendly, and best of all saves you load of time. Your family gets the bonus of nice looking T-shirts every time they put a new one on so you look good when they look good.

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