Reunion Of Twin Sisters After 55 Years


It’s not every day that people learn that they are twins. Most people know that they have a twin because they grow up alongside of him or her. Helen is a woman who, when growing up, would talk to an invisible friend she called a secret sister.

Helen had an abusive father, and it was her secret sister who she took comfort with.

Five decades later, fellow learned that she had a real secret sister.

Jenny lived miles away and learned that she was adopted as a small child. She learned because a cousin told her to butt out of a particular conversation because she was adopted. When Jennie confronted her mother about the unusual comment, she learned that it was true. Jenny then spend the rest of her life searching for her real family.

After decades of looking, Jenny found Mercia, her biological mother. Mercia explained that she gave Jenny up because resources were scarce after the war. She also made Jenny promise never to find Helen or tell Helen that they were sisters. This meant that Helen still did not know that she had a secret sister out in the world.

After Mercia passed away, Jenny searched for Helen. Within 24 hours of posting on a reunion website known as Genes United, she was in contact with Helen.

There are plenty of stories where adopted children want to find their roots. Even though they love their new parents and identify them as their parents, they still want to know where they came from, learn about who their real parents were, and find out if they have any siblings.

Helen was not aware of the fact that her dad, the abusive one, was not her biological one. She also did not know that her mother had chosen to give her sister up, either. She was not filled with anger, however. She was filled with happiness that she was reunited with her twin sister after 55 years.

The women believed that they were half-sisters to begin with, but a DNA test was done and confirmed that they were actually fraternal twins.

Helen spent decades being alone, and she finally found her sister. It took 55 years in order for the reunion to happen, but when she did, her and Jenny were very happy.

The seven minute video shares an interview between the two women with some of the history as to how they grew up and how they found each other.

This video may give you goosebumps, and give you hope if you are adopted or have ever suspected that you have another loved one out in the world.

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