First Time Giving Your Dog Medicine? I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Try This One!


Pet owners have tried a number of tricks over the year. Some will hide the medicine inside of a preferred snack. Others wait until after their animal has woken up from a nap, hoping that their guard has been sufficiently lowered.

The owner in this video is much smarter, though. Once you watch this clip, you will not believe that you didn’t think of this ploy a bit sooner. It makes a great deal of sense and allows owners to use their animals’ natural instincts against them.

We’re all certainly familiar with reverse psychology by now, the practice of telling someone you do not want them to do something that you wish they would do, so that they will fight back against the tyranny of your suggestion and end up doing what you’ve asked of them, without even knowing it.

It seems as if most living creatures are programmed with a desire to push back against authority figures and dogs are no different. While it never occurred to us before, reverse psychology is a great practice to use on dogs, who are naturally disobedient creatures who live to push the boundaries.

A troublemaker pup is much more likely to submit, since they have no awareness of this practice. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this owner’s mind games are on another level.

This weenie won’t take his medication. Instead of begging and pleading, the owner decides to tell him “NO!” instead. All it takes is one command for the dog to shift from being obstinate to being greedy. Little does he know, he’s actually following orders!

If you’re anything like us, you are bowled over by how easy this process was. Take a moment to share this hilarious tactic with your friends and family.

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