Mom Films Her Baby In The Red Car, But Watch The Dog When They Turn Around!


The story you are about to witness is the story of a little boy named Oliver and his unlikely chauffeur. It was nerve wracking at first to see a dog operating a motor vehicle of any kind, but the way this dog is whipping around in her brand new ride, you would think that she was born to drive. All she’s missing is a radio, so that she can crank her favorite tunes. We’re guessing she might be a Snoop Dogg fan?

We are amazed at how proficient of a driver Daisy is already. She could probably stand to give a few humans that we know a lesson. A skeptic might point out that she only seems to be able to point the wheel to the left, but there is no reason why she can’t become just as adept at turning to the wheel to the right some day.

Videos like this one serve as a testament to how quickly dogs can pick up on certain things and they tend to learn much more rapidly than they are ever given credit for. This clip was created, in an effort to show those who think that dogs are slow or dumb just how wrong this point of view is.

This clip could also serve as a glimpse into the future. Just imagine what it would be like to look over at a stop light and see a fur baby peeking back at you. We are not sure how they would reach the pedals, but dogs are so resourceful, we are willing to bet that they would figure out a way, pretty easily.

Be sure to check out this amazingly adorable video as soon as possible!
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These two look so happy together and this is clearly the start of a great friendship that will blossom for years to come. Take a moment to spread the love and pass it along to all the naysayers in your life, so that they can see just how smart a dog can truly be.

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