A Female Dog Is Rescued With Her Pup


Hope for Paws received a call that there was a dog and her puppy living in a trash can. On getting there, the construction workers in the vicinity told them that she lost the other puppies when they were stolen by the local children.


They entered the gated area where the dogs were previously sighted. They were informed that the owner of the property sold it and moved away, leaving the pet behind. The poor dog refused to leave the environment and stayed there to have her puppies after she got pregnant on the streets. Unfortunately, they were all stolen except one. The volunteers saw the dog in a trash can under a truck. They discovered that the trash can was converted into a home for them by using a stick to hold the cover open. They began to throw dog treats at them to let them know that they mean no harm. They went closer slowly as well and kept throwing treats at them.

When the hope for paws volunteers got too close to the den, the dog gave them a warning growl to step back as is usual with nursing dogs. They were not deterred but continued to try to pacify them and take them to a better home. The volunteers then succeeded in using their special Hope for Paws leash to hold her, while feeding her treats.

When the puppy saw that her mummy was being held on a leash, she hid behind her. They stayed with her for a short while, and she calmed down and allowed them to pet her.

They tried to get her to stand up, but she was reluctant since she was afraid. They managed to take her out of the trash can and brought out her pup as well. The volunteers placed the pup next to the mother and discovered that it was a female as well. They fed them and got them ready to leave the streets forever, after only thirty minutes of trying to pacify the mother so they could take them safely.

Both mummy and puppy were carried together in the car to the hospital. They were both in perfect health and are ready to be adopted by a loving family. One of the volunteers named the mummy, Zoƫ, and puppy, Meadow.
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