Family Finds A Frozen Kitten, Then Brings Him Back To Life


One of the most important messages of thanksgiving is doing all the good we can, all the time. This was clearly adopted by the Binghams and the act of kindness they showed to a helpless stray kitten counts as a thanksgiving message for everyone to appreciate and emulate.

The family had gathered together to celebrate thanksgiving together outside their cabin in Utah. The white terrain created by the fallen snow held a beauty to behold, but underneath that beauty laid lifeless a stray kitten. The freshly fallen snow had buried the little feline and had it not been discovered at the time it was, might have been lost completely.

Despite the dead – frozen appearance of the kitten and the absence of any noticeable form of heartbeat, it was retrieved still and rushed to the warmth and safety of the inside of their home and they made efforts to bring it back to life.


Miraculously enough, the warmth of the fireplace coupled with some gentle CPR helped the kitten to recover. Slowly, steadily and assuredly the miracle proceeded and before very long, the stray kitty was fully resuscitated and back to life. It was deservedly named Lazarus for its back from the dead feat.

One of the family members adopted the feline, giving it a roof over its little head – and a happy one at that. Lazarus has been certified as fully fit and it has begun the process of starting out its life afresh in its new abode.

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The circumstances surrounding how the kitten became a stray animal left alone and at the mercy of the harsh and freezing elements may forever remain sketchy at best, but it can be said that all things turned out for good for the little Lazarus. Beyond that, the message of kindness that the Binghams propagated with their actions could not be louder, and represents more than anything else the true spirit of the season which is a spirit of empathy, kindness and helping one another.


The Binghams rendered help to a feline that could not possibly ever return the favor and that is an attitude that is worthy of praise. It has been said that the greatest instrument for good is a caring heart and it is the biggest stage – setter for miracles to happen; if not everyone agrees with that, definitely Lazarus does – that is why it is alive today. Do something kind today.

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