This Family’s Dog Was Missing For Months! Then, They Saw THIS On Their TV


Tree was discovered as a stray dog roaming about the streets some months ago. This family has been living together with this dog since she was a pup but of late, her whereabouts became unknown. One morning they woke up to discover that their lovely canine friend has left the house and is gone missing.

Fortunately, Tree was discovered by a staff member of the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans whose name was Tania. The story of the dog’s rescue came true when she was featured on the popular canine show “Pit Bulls and Parolees” earlier this year.
Already, staff members from the Villalobos Rescue Center had named the lost but found dog Sunflower. This was because she had neither a tag nor a microchip on her to identify her by her real name. To this end, it was difficult to associate her with her owner.

After Tree’s appearance on the screen, an unexpected phone call was received at the rescue center just some months later. The call came from Sunflower’s original owners who happened to be watching the TV show – Pit Bulls and Parolees – at the time of her appearance.

According to her human mother, she screamed when she saw her dog on TV. It was really an unbelievable sight. She never believed that she would see her lovely pet again, talk more of watching her on TV. A few days later, the dog was introduced to her family.

The anxiousness displayed on the faces of the family of six was a clear indication that they had missed their seventh companion. Indeed, they could not withhold their patience as they eagerly wait to be reunited with their longtime adorable friend.

When the door finally opened, and she (tree) was let into the room, every member of her family leaped for joy as they struggled to touch her and feel her once again. She wagged her tail enthusiastically as she took turns to give everyone a hug.

Indeed, it was so exciting to see her again as her human daddy would later recount. She herself felt the excitement and would not stop from hugging and kissing her human buddies. Her actions and reactions presented a clear message that she had missed them all as much as they do.
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What an unbelievable sight to behold as a dog finally reunites with her family.

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