Failed Sheepdog Was Going To Be Shot … Until Love Changed Everything


When we’re born we know nothing about this world and we aren’t able to do anything at all. Most people, for some reason, think we should know a lot of things without teaching them properly. The result is failure on our end.

This is the story of Ruby, a sheepdog that wasn’t doing her job well in Australia. Her owner didn’t enjoy her work and beat her more often than not until one day e decided to get rid of her. He took her to a friend’s house where she would be killed.

At that house, the friend went outside to shoot Ruby and she was so scared that ended up wetting herself right in front of him. The man was still going to do it, even though she wet herself, but Ruby fought for her life and decided to ick and caress the man.


She made him see the beauty in her, and he allowed her to live. He saved her life and called Edgar’s Mission, where she would be taken care of. Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary that provides care for over 300 animals that have been rescued all over Australia, including Ruby..


Being taken care of, she isn’t now that scared of the world anymore and even tries to help other dogs in the world around her as she sees fit.

When she first arrived, a wrong look could make her wet herself in fear because of the horrible past she had, but now she doesn’t struggle so much anymore. She still gets scared sometimes, but it is only in rare occasions.


Now she helps tour guides, she comforts animals, she gives love to lonely people, and a lot, lot more. Now Ruby’s mission in this world is to make sure that everyone feels good about themselves and that loneliness dies far away from her and the ones she love.


She has a big friend at the sanctuary, a pig named Little Squeak, that plays with her and that sees her as a loving mother. Ruby didn’t really get the herding job, she wasn’t good at taking care of the sheep that belong to a very angry man. But at the sanctuary, the role of loving mother, dog and sometimes nurse suits her very, very well.


Ruby was saved at Edgar’s Mission but now she is paying the world back, by saving others around her.


To donate to Edgar’s Mission, you can check out their website to learn more.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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