Facing The Outcome Of Living On Autopilot


In the video this man has a new phone and needs to charge it in the morning; he ends up breaking his routine because of this. His wife gets their daughter in his car so he can take her to the day care center while the parents are at work. While he is on his way to do so he realizes his phone isn’t with him, so he needs to go back. At this point, it’s clear the routine has been broken and as such he won’t have as much time to work with: he is going to be late for work. He goes back, grabs his phone and then goes to work just like in any normal day. His boss talks to him and tells him he is late, and he tells his boss he forgot his phone. That’s just something that could happen to all of us so all is forgiven. When he gets off work, his wife calls him telling him she is going to work a late shift and asks him if he picked up their daughter – he says he is on his way.

As soon as he gets there he realizes it: he never picked up his daughter, she was in the car the whole time he was working and died. His whole world crumbled because he wasn’t living, he was surviving. Don’t worry; this video had actors in it and no one was actually harmed. But the problem shown in the video happens to a lot of people every day and it is something that needs to be prevented.

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