Everywhere There’s Lots Of Micro-Piggies


Well, for cuteness sake and a touch of humor, you just cannot beat a two minute video of miniature pigs (micro pigs) trying to eat an apple. No humans involved except the videographer. This little video is a really funny and cute way to take a break or relieve stress. Miniature pigs were originally bred for medical research so that they could be managed easily due to their size. The little pigs have become a very popular pet in the United States. These animals are also called teacup pigs and micro-pigs.

The pigs are small and should never get any larger than about 40 pounds. There is even an official registry for this miniature version of the potbellied pig that can certify that your pet is one hundred percent authentic. The registry is called the Miniature Potbellied Pig Registry Service, Inc. The film shows four young pigs that probably weigh six pounds at most wresting with a large red apple. Three of the little pigs are all black and one is black and white patched.

The apple is really a bit much for the little pigs to manage. The pigs just cannot get the whole thing in their mouths so they take turns taking little nibbles of the apple. The puffy eyed faces and the little short snouts are just darling. The tiny little bodies are really amazing. You get several nose to camera views of the pigs enjoying the apple. The tiny little grunts that the pigs make while dining is just part of the fun. One of the more amazing things about the video is that the pigs do not really display any competition with each other over eating the apple. No pig tries to hoard the apple to themselves. This may be a characteristic of the breed but it just adds to the appeal of the video.

Whatever it is about the little pigs that is so appealing is probably a part of the human conscience that makes people want to take care of small and rather helpless looking animals. Nobody really knows why people have found the miniature pigs so appealing but hundreds of thousands of people have adopted the little pigs into their homes. The video is just cool and a lot of fun. It might make you want to dash out and buy a mini-pig of your very own. You cannot beat this short little film for being funny and cute. Any animal lover would enjoy this film again and again. Before you let the film inspire you to rush out and buy a miniature pig, you need to consider the amount of space you have for the pig, how much the pig costs, and how you will feed and care for your pig pet. Miniature pigs are expensive. The animals are pigs and need a good deal of space to play and roam about in. The animals are docile and very human friendly. The miniature pigs need a special diet to thrive. You should do some research before you get a miniature pig.

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