Everyone Is Talking About How Dogs Should Wear Pants


Jared Keller, editor for the fashion magazine Maxim, began a worldwide argument about the best style for pants for dogs. We can all agree that dogs do not naturally come with pants or the need for pants. There are occasions when dogs need pants and the occasions do not involve bodily functions.

The design models for dog pants and the pictures of a few dogs with homemade pants are a real hoot. A small bull dog in rolled up jeans and a little floppy eared manicured poodle in what could best be described as the bottom half of polka dot overalls are two of the contributions that are hilarious.

This is no frivolous argument. These days more and more dogs just will not be seen dead out and about unless they are decked out in the latest fashion. Dog pants are destined to be the hottest trend in dog wear in 2016.

We are not being facetious. Many dog owners spend a fortune on clothing for their pets. The brightest stars of Hollywood deck their dogs out in fashion that coordinates with their own ensemble. Some dogs take to the glamour of fashion with a bit more patience and aplomb than others.


The dog pants argument is centered on covering the back legs or all four legs. Each design has its benefits and drawbacks. Four legged pants will definitely keep your pooch dry in wet weather at least on bottom. The two leg style does look a bit more sporty and masculine. There is a combination style as well.

One point of nature is an absolute consideration in dog pants. When your dog has to go is the issue. The problem is a bit simpler for females because all the going equipment is located in the same area. Designs for male dog pants require two ports for the call of nature. Telling friend from foe also requires an opening in the rear at least. Mating rituals also need a rear port.

One could hardly expect a dog to use a zipper although most dogs are smart enough to get the hang of a zipper. One would think zipping back up may not be as natural to a dog that usually goes about au naturale.

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You have to share the design plans and the photos of dog pants with your friends and fellow dog lovers. The funniest thing about the whole affair is that people are dead serious about pants for dogs. Dog pants are definitely fashion gone wild. For men and women that live together the problem of who wears the pants in the family has now become a three sided argument if the couple owns a dog. We have our money on the dog of course.

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