Elephant Who Spent His Whole Life In Chains Now Walks Free!


It is virtually impossible to think about being chained up for your entire life. It certainly isn’t going to lead to a happy existence. Hundreds of elephants, however, need this fate every single year. We don’t generally think about it. However, they are subject to a significant amount of abuse.

Animals such as these deserve to be in the wild, and not chained up.


Thong Bai is a beautiful elephant who has starred in various movies and even a few beer commercials in Thailand. Even though he may be a star, he isn’t getting to live the life. Instead, he lives in chains. This is sad, too, because elephants are a symbol of one of the provinces in Thailand.


A number of people became concerned for the gorgeous elephant’s well-being and general condition. They wanted him to be able to live his life chain-free. Eventually, they were able to get the elephants owners to consider what kind of life they were allowing the elephant to live.


Today, Thong Bai is fortunate enough to be free of his chains and lead a much better and healthier life, found inside of The Surin Project. This is a home for elephants who have only seen captivity and are unable to be released into the wild. There are expensive enclosures, plenty of money to play in, and other elephants to be able to socialize with. This will ensure that Thong Bai doesn’t grow lonely – and he will never have to see chains ever again.


Thong Bai can finally say that he is living the life of a movie star. He deserves this – and so do so many other elephants. He will never be able to be released in the wilds simply because he doesn’t know how to care for himself. He has only seen chains and captivity, so he wouldn’t be able to function properly.


However, he has a second chance at life – a much better life, by being part of The Surin Project. The hope is that more elephants come to join him as well, breaking free of their chains forever.


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