Cat Starts Eating Again When She Got Her Babies By Her Side


Wild animals can sometimes be a little difficult to handle. This feral cat was found pregnant with an infection. This cat could not eat because of the infection. Her infection had to be treated first. Her lack of appetite was a big issue because her fetus needed to be fed.

It was the period when she needed the food most. So she was given a feeding tube. To keep the feeding tube from falling off, a piece of sweater was sewn and worn for her. It was made firm so that it could hold the feeding tube.


Initially, it was believed that her appetite would improve once she is cured of the infection. But on the contrary, she still did not eat even when she got better. At this point, it was not clear whether she indeed did not have appetite or she was too scared to eat. This is because it was apparent that she was hungry.


The people taking care of her got more worried as this her lack of interest in food was putting the lives of her fetus in danger. Naturally, just like human beings, animals need more nutrition when they are pregnant. And they need it more as their date of delivery approaches.


Apart from getting energy, some of the nutrients in the food boost the level of immunity in animals. Pregnancy obviously renders their body weaker, more delicate and more vulnerable to diseases, especially when the gestation has reached an advanced stage. This is why they need food so much at this time.


But this wonderful cat still refused to eat. Looking worried already? Calm down, nothing serious happened. She eventually delivered four beautiful kittens without any complications or medical condition.


Shockingly, to the relief of everyone, she started eating after the delivery. Whether she got her appetite back or she became confident that she could now eat, nobody can tell. What matters is that she started eating. And it was as if she wanted to make up for all the nutrients she had lost. She developed huge appetite.


She devoured her food ravenously. No matter the quantity she was given, she never left any remnant. Animals do have instincts too. It was like she knew it would be safer for her to eat after her delivery. Check the pictures yourself and share away.

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